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On household life, she confused that men had been certainly being inspired to assume home duties in both the urban centres and the villages. As a outcome, women have been able to unlock their time and turn into entrepreneurs, for example. Ms. ATAEVA stated that 30 per cent of the People’s Council membership had been women and they held main positions. That quantity did not include women serving the Council in lower-rating capacities. Some forty two per cent were women concerned in State administration, also at determination-making ranges, a few of whom occupied ministerial or deputy ministerial posts.

Was it easy to care for noisy children all day long who required constant attention? Were these jobs physically and psychological troublesome in any method? She said that women and men had equal rights to enter into marriage with no additional conditions; because of that, bride price was forbidden in Turkmenistan.

In Turkmenistan, the national programme for the promotion of physical activity during pregnancy was developed as a response to the findings of the surveys in line with the WHO Physical Activity Strategy for the European Region. The strategy encourages policy motion guided by efficient monitoring and surveillance, and calls for here top-level management by the health sector. The STEPS and COSI surveys acquire, analyse and disseminate core information on noncommunicable diseases and measure trends in being chubby and weight problems among major college-aged youngsters.

Three of the country’s Cabinet ministers had been women, serving within the Ministries of Social Security; Culture and Television and Radio Broadcasting; and Education. The Minister of Culture herself had risen from the ranks of the “khyakim velayat”, or “Governor of a Province”. Prostitution was a felony offence underneath article 38 of the criminal code. Female and male violators had been prosecuted beneath articles 138, 141 and 142.

Women in Turkmenistan participated in science, sport and technology. There was no pre-choice of subjects that girls might pursue, and situations have been supplied to enable women to pursue any course they wished.

He also spoke at a November 2019 Ashgabat roundtable allegedly on freedom of conscience . Orazov declined to comment and asked for questions to be despatched to Hajiyev in writing. Although this is the only recognized raid on Protestant Christians in 2019, all year long police additionally raided Jehovah’s Witness meetings, interrogated and threatened people and introduced cases to court. Incidents included police physical violence, intimidation, home searches and seizures of personal belongings.

That, is turn, enabled more individuals to enter the financial system armed with information of new applied sciences. Vocational steerage was additionally offered at secondary school level, enabling students to enter the type of work towards which they have been most inclined. As for “women’s paths” versus “men’s paths”, she said that was merely descriptive. Health, schooling, art, culture, and science have been mentioned to be women’s paths, because extra women chose them. Other fields, such as within the oil trade, transport and communications, had tougher working conditions leading to fewer women collaborating.

Women’s salaries had been different from men’s salaries because women tended to work in the social sector, while men tended to work within the industrial sector the place the work was tougher. She added that employers could not refuse jobs to pregnant or married women. Trade unions had been dealing so much with employee rights and employment. On women’s reproductive health, she said it was not a obligatory topic, though such lessons had been provided in colleges. She assured the Committee that stereotypes regarding “male” or “female” careers were absent from faculty text books.

In fact, bride value was popularly condemned, as proven by its remedy within the media. It was not true that rural women have been subjected to carnal abuse, compelled early marriages and that they had been only used for reproduction functions, she mentioned. Divorced women had the same rights to land as men and married women. Government rewards had been provided for exemplary agricultural labour. She stated the drop in delivery rate might be defined by the big number of women getting into the workforce and a better understanding of contraceptive health.

Officers searched the house, seized telephones and questioned the women at the police station. In early January 2020, police summoned the women one by one, compelled them to put in writing statements, and took their pictures and fingerprints. Protestant women celebrating Christmas are the newest victims of police raids on worship meetings.

Work was being accomplished with the UNFPA to supply coaching on contraceptives to the population, and protection of motherhood was guaranteed by many laws. Regarding overseas employees, she stated some private enterprises offered jobs to each foreigners and nationals.

Officers searched the home, seized telephones, pressured the ladies to write statements and took pictures and fingerprints. Officials often summon and threaten people recognized to be non secular (together with men who attend mosque, women who put on headscarves, and Jehovah’s Witnesses). At a authorities press conference earlier Wednesday, Foreign Minister Rashid Mederov appeared to suggest viruses may attain the nation via mud storms. She credited the government’s “recent activation of stronger measures” as part of efforts to prevent the potential spread of the virus in the nation. The World Health Organization stated Wednesday it was “concerned” about reviews of pneumonia in Turkmenistan, a landlocked Central Asian country that has yet to declare any coronavirus cases.

However, there was a ceiling on the number of foreign staff permitted in the nation so as to make sure that Turkmenistan citizens could get jobs. The retirement age was 62 for men and 57 for women, she said. A lady who had achieved a right to a pension might continue working. If that girl continued to work, she would receive her pension and the wages for the work she did.

Turkmenistan: Latest Conscientious Objector Jailed For Three Years

True, the report talked about “carpet-weaving”, as a result of Turkmen carpets had a historical worth and were known all over the world to be of high worth. On the number of folks pursuing larger education generally, she stated that though compulsory education ended at 16 years of age, 19 per cent of the population pursued greater training.

“Officers harass, interrogate and strain Jehovah’s Witnesses, even threatening to ‘prepare an accident’ if they will not surrender their faith,” they told Forum 18 . Police raided a Christmas gathering of Protestant women in a village in Turkmenistan’s jap Lebap Region on 26 December 2019.

“A strong emphasis was laid on women’s exemplary contribution to ensuring just and lasting peace and to changing the international security paradigm by increasing the participation of all stakeholders, of ladies in particular,” Hunt stated. In addition to presenting numerous women’s experiences across cultures in confronting violent conflict, the seminar defined how gender stereotypes impact public insurance policies to handle security threats and peace challenges. The members were presented with several examples of particular person international locations’ successes and failures in relation to women, peace, and security.

turkmenistan women

Who Warns Of Increasing Pneumonia Cases In Turkmenistan

turkmenistan women

These are necessary instruments which help to determine and perceive the size of health points in a given country and, accordingly, to design a response. Ms. TAVARES DA SILVA, expert from Portugal, said that Ms. Ataeva’s assertion that jobs in schooling and health care were simpler to do than jobs in the industrial sector was a press release primarily based on stereotypes.

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