10. The Bird of Paradise

10. The Bird of Paradise

My gf does this“bird that is hilarious of dance pre and/or post intercourse. She copied the type channel during our first connect and it stuck. It is maybe perhaps not sexy by itself, however it lets me realize that she’s within the mood and cracks me up.

11. The Penguin

The Penguin! Me and my ex went to an aquarium and saw the penguin exhibit. Well, that day the penguins had been simply fucking away and now we saw by the male walking up behind the female and tranny ass hitting her with his flippers until she laid down that they initiated it. It had been hilarious. After that we would occasionally walk up behind my ex and imagine I happened to be hitting her with flippers as being a joking sign I desired sexy times.

12. The Citrus Game

Whenever I make a move stupid that hurts my wife’s emotions, my best answer is constantly in order to make her laugh. Then inform her I’m sorry. Functions 100percent regarding the time, often.

Anyhow, whenever I fuck up particularly bad and after she’s cooled down a bit, we look at into the ice box and grab a few limes/lemons. Then I walk over and control them to her. Immediately she cracks a smile.

We shall then get and stay at one end regarding the hallway, and she’s going to stay during the other end, she’ll put the lemon/lime and attempt to strike me personally into the balls. We give her a true wide range of tries predicated on just how much I fucked up. She constantly eventually ends up laughing. She usually misses. However it helps make her feel a lot better.

It is called by us the Citrus Game.

13. The Nake & Bake

My ex and we developed a game called “Nake & Bake. ” You make Shake & Bake within the kitchen area nude after which place it within the range for 45 moments to cook. You choose to go have sexual intercourse before the timer goes down then get eat.

14. The Feline Jury

We look at our cats sitting on the end of the bed and ask for a score when we finish.

Bastards never provide us with significantly more than a 7.5.

15. The Patrick Bateman

One time an ex and I also had been shooting ourselves whilst having intercourse, and half way like that” “yeah you fucking stud” “oh fuck yeah, ” pointing at the camera, flexing more, for like 5-10 min through I totally “Patrick Bateman’d” that shit and looked directly at the camera and started flexing, looking badass, “yeah you. We had been doggy design so she had no clue that is fucking. A while later we re watched it when it simply happened we both simply lost it.

16. The Penis Interrogation

After I’m done offering him a blowjob, we lay my at once their thigh and have their cock concerns. He answers one flex for yes and two flexes for no. Their cock and I also are besties.

17. The Glazed Doughnut Ring Toss

My partner likes me personally to have glazed doughnuts watching me consume a number of them while drawing my cock. We’ve additionally played band toss on even more with them, which started as a joke but then she discovered that an icing flavored dick was pretty amazing and it just turned her. So she would rub it to my cock and take a bite associated with the donut and then carry on the bj. It had been embarrassing in the beginning but i must acknowledge it possibly the best bj I’ve ever endured. Dunno why it turns her on so much but doughnuts plus a fantastic bj at the same time frame is almost a win-win for me personally.

18. The Post-Coital Nursing Session

After intercourse, my boyfriend sucks my boobs until he falls asleep.

19. The Countdown

My SO that is old and would get supper, some form of liquor (ideally a few containers of shitty champagne or tequila), smoke cigarettes copious amounts of weed, then check out sleep.

Even as we had been in sleep she’d have me lay to my straight straight back, arms folded up behind my mind, real naked and relaxed like. Then shed take my watch down and place the watch that is oversized her wrist, and set the timer. Dependent on how dreadful we had bugged her, the time would consist of 10-20 mins. Throughout that time, I happened to be maybe not permitted to go or touch her back, she could do whatever she wanted. It absolutely was the sexiest torture imaginable. She’d set the clock over if I caved. It the full time, first try, she’d let me have whatever I wanted if I made.

So fucking awesome.

9.5/10 undoubtedly recommend trying.

20. The Jawbreaker

Maybe maybe maybe Not my spouse but we once had a gf which had an odd practice that we enjoyed. Whenever wed view a movie within my apartment she liked to lay her mind in my own lap and keep my cock inside her lips. Regardless of if we simply had intercourse. She’dn’t actively blow me personally, simply keep it in there soft and move it around like a jawbreaker. Don’t misunderstand me, eventually id get hard and shed blow til we arrived, the. Shed get right back again to viewing the film along with it inside her lips. She really was a good egg.

21. The Flaccid Tummy Smack

After intercourse whenever my husband’s cock is flaccid once again, and we also are laying here peacefully, we grab it and smack their belly along with it while over repeatedly saying “stop hitting your self. End hitting your self. End hitting your self. ” I laugh for a beneficial five full minutes in which he stares at me personally with a appearance of love and concern…OK…mainly concern.

22. The Dinosaur Game

We pretend become dinosaurs. And not soleley any dinosaurs, we now have particular types and characters. It’s not during intercourse, but before foreplay we begin kissing and all sorts of a he’s that is sudden screeching noises and I’m pretending my arms can’t reach his face and now we are fighting into the death.

It’s funny and we also simply and wrestle nude until we both have extremely fired up.

23. The Sleazy Doorman

Hang among those pull-up pubs through the doorframe and also have the girl hang through the club for her too while you go to town from behind or from the front, its a good workout!

24. The Ball Scratch

We actually love laying straight right back after having a good fuck and having her scrape my balls, often for one hour or more if in happy. It’s one of the better emotions i will explain, yunno, outside of this fucking definitely.

25. The Tyler Durden

My boyfriend and the shit is beaten by me away from one another as foreplay. We don’t mean BDSM, after all we full-out Fight Club destroy one another.

26. The Penis Vibrator

One evening several years ago we informed her to imagine my cock is her dildo so she grabbed the lube, rubbed it to my pulsating mind and gradually applied it against her clitoris until she arrived. As she cums I thrust deep inside and we also bang until we’re both sweating and pleased.

We try this every right time now, she cums everytime and our sex-life is amazing for this!

27. The Koala

Koala intercourse. Pretty sure no body else performs this nevertheless when you have actually her in missionary she wraps her legs around the back as well as hands and holds by by by herself under your stomach like an infant koala. Then while on your own fingers and knees you forth sway back and… maybe maybe Not certain that that’s how koalas take action but that is exactly exactly just what we call it.

28. The Game Blowjob

My ex therefore had been playing 2048 in the sofa and I also had been exceptionally horny he was going to get a surprise blowjob so I naturally decided. I experienced it in my own mouth for half a moment and then he would go to place the game away and I also said no keep working, in the event that you stop or lose, We stop. Long story quick as far as i am aware the rating he got ended up being but still is their individual perfect for the overall game undoubtedly (he did very well) and another of the finest times ever between us that night. As soon as he tossed their phone towards the relative part and tackled me personally to a floor, demanding he couldn’t just simply take any longer.

29. The Cow Dance

In accordance with my gf, I’ve get home super-drunk, woken her up, and attempted to seduce her with a cow party, complete with mooing noises. I take advantage of my hands to show where in actuality the udders is and exactly how they swing predicated on my hip motions.

30. The Hitler Guide

An ex and I also would will have to slide a mention of Hitler inside our post-coital conversation. It had been constantly something such as, you do along with your tongue. “ I enjoy that thing” “Know who else adored it? HITLER. ”

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